Metrics, Metrics, Metrics

Social media is both an art and a science. Chatter requires human analysis that captures the tone, nuance and feeling that a computer just can’t. However, in order to begin substantiating that analysis, quality metrics can help you appear credible to the client AND make for fancy PowerPoint visuals (ha!). Here’s a list of my favorite metrics/analysis tools:


Behold, the monitoring standard-bearer. Raidan6 is basically a combination of ridiculous algorithms, voodoo, and a contract with Satan. Seriously, I have no idea how they made this beast and whatever programmer did deserves a cookie. It’s not free (corporate contracts add up to around $800 a month) but if you can swing it, it’s totally worth it. Radian6 will troll every inch of the Twitterverse and Facebooks and show you exactly who’s talking about you, what they’re saying, amplification, reach and traction metrics. It’ll even identify top influencers to connect and cross-promote with.


Sysomos is like Radian6 in principle but perhaps a bit less intense and different in the way it approaches metric analysis. It give you the options to produce breakdowns according to demographics, and a tool to quickly compare chatter between brands (i.e. you and a competitor) Not sure about the monthly charge, however. Radian6 allows you to embed their visuals into presentations, but for some reason I just prefer Sysomos for a quick, more user-friendly visual breakdown.


Word clouds! Who doesn’t like these suckers? They make great visuals and really delve into the semantics of a piece to visually represent the importance of ideas and words as they translate in order of importance. Simply put in the URL and let Wordle do the visual word smithing for you. It’s also free!


While it can metric multiple platforms, at Edelman we use Icerocket to cover the blog scanning that Radian6 can’t. It provides traffic data, clicks, referred terms, etc. It’s free!

Google Insights

Google is just awesome in some many ways, but here’s another reason why. Google insights provides the backend analytics of site traffic in a public-facing format so you can see who’s going to a site, how people are referred, and what kinds of traffic occurs. It’ll also show you the most revelant and used search terms so you can get a sense of what your online visitors prefer or are most interested in. Take this info and then craft a better SEO and SEM strategy to target your audiences.