Metrics, Metrics, Metrics

Social media is both an art and a science. Chatter requires human analysis that captures the tone, nuance and feeling that a computer just can’t. However, in order to begin substantiating that analysis, quality metrics… Continue reading

McDonald’s Tries Storytelling: Nailed It!

As McDonald’s lumbers into the new millennium of health-conscious consumers, it’s revamped its images and offerings as an affordable purveyor of what made us happy as kids, and what can help us control our waistlines… Continue reading

Virgin Southwest: A Hypothetical Hostile Takeover Communications Plan

I’m often asked “So…what exactly do you do?” Fair question, since strategic communications often gets lost under the generalized heading of PR. Strategic communications can involved a whole host of things, from brand… Continue reading

Caine’s Arcade: The Virality of a Feel Good Story

By now, you’ve probably seen the moving ten minute documentary entitled “Caine’s Arcade” by producer Nirvan Mullick (if you haven’t, check it out: This is one of the best examples of a well-told… Continue reading

Skittles and the Case of Trayvon Martin

On February 26, Trayvon Martin was shot walking home from buying Skittles and iced tea. The shooter and self-appointed leader of the community watch team, George Zimmerman, shot the 17 year old despite… Continue reading

Twitter: Best Practices

Engage: Like all social media communications, Twitter is not a platform for one-way messaging. It’s an online conversation. If someone direct messages you, respond. Give props to someone citing their handle, (i.e., @Colleen24hrco… Continue reading

#SocialMedia Explained

Sharpie: A Social Media and Digital Content Case Study

Created in 1964, Sharpie is a long-wearing ink marker. Ubiquitous due to its long-standing market presence, availability of seven versions with thirty nine colors and retro design, Sharpie realized that it would have… Continue reading

What are My Communications Needs?

Now more than ever, businesses both large and small need to invest in communications tools, products and qualified staff. In between financials and logistics, communications can sometimes get lost in the mix. What… Continue reading


I’m a communications professional living in Washington, D.C. with four years of experience in both the government and non-profit sector, and now currently work in Edelman’s digital public affairs department focusing on crisis… Continue reading